Discovering Hampstead

For some reason, in my mind, I had always thought that Hampstead in North London (NW3) was difficult to get to from our part of West London.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Travelling by Tube, we were there in 45 minutes

When looking for a weekend excursion recently, I discovered that Hampstead had two National Trust properties.

DSC_0022.JPGBeautiful Fenton House is a 17th Century merchant’s house and is choc-a-block full of musical instruments and collections of quirky porcelain figurines.DSC_0004.JPG However, the house’s best feature is actually the walled garden; huge by Hampstead standards.  There’s an orchard, sunken spaces, high hedges and wrought iron staircases.DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0013.JPGA property not far from Fenton House is currently on sale for £12 million …

Just up the road, and well signposted, is Number 2, Willow Road and it couldn’t be a greater contract to Fenton House. The terrace was built as three houses by Modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger in 1939, the house is full of period furniture and art. Photography is not allowed.  DSC_0029.JPG Numbers 1 and 3 are still privately owned and occupied (by a pair of sisters).

3 thoughts on “Discovering Hampstead

  1. What a contrast! You would probably walk straight past the Willow Road property without realising it was of historic interest. Twelve million to be a neighbour of Fenton House eh? Better start saving …


  2. Oh I’d like a visit & wander about Fenton House, what a beautiful home & garden & then to wander a short distance to enjoy Willow Road location. Hampstead is mentioned in one of my favourite books/movie; The Enchanted April/Enchanted April, so now to have a visual reference – thank you.


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