Learn Something New Every Day | Days 1-5

September means that the Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is approaching. It also means that Shimelle is running her annual class, Learn Something New Every Day.

Like last year, I’m recording what I’ve learned throughout September here.

Day 1: I should have explored Hampstead years ago.  DSC_0025.JPG

Day 2: Don’t take the SatNav’s directions as gospel, as sometimes simply looking out of the window provides the answer.

Day 3: A dry run is always a good idea.  The Boy Child and I took the bus to his new school, at the time he will need to catch it during term time.thumbnail[1]

Day 4: The Boy Child and scooters don’t mix.  He fell off a scooter at break time, scraping his knee and landing heavily on his wrist.

Day 5: Having him call to invite me to join him at the café in the park for a cuppa counts as a date.


2 thoughts on “Learn Something New Every Day | Days 1-5

  1. Oh yes, that dry run is absolutely worth it – I still remember doing it with my daughter and realising it was the first time she had ever been on a bus! Hope he is gradually getting used to his new routines and different people and places. And yes, that phone call definitely counts as a date 😉


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