Northern Road Trip | Durham

We embarked on a road trip to Northern England over the August Bank Holiday weekend. For the second part of the trip, we based ourselves in the beautiful city of Durham.DSC_0303.JPGThe Brainy One spent three years as an undergraduate at the University of Durham back in, according to The Boy Child, nineteen hundred and freezing cold, and he was determined to show us all his old stomping grounds.DSC_0304.JPG Truth be told, Durham has changed considerably in the last 30+ years and The Brainy One was disappointed to discover that progress had cleared away many of the locations featured in his memories.  He was even more dismayed to learn that his former college is set to be demolished within the next two years, with a new site going up across the river and much nearer to all the other colleges.DSC_0311.JPGUniversity aside, Durham is a beautiful and compact city; one that has a wealth of history worth exploring.  We did all our exploring on the Bank Holiday Monday and the city was quiet, with many small shops and cafés closed.  I think the city would have a different feel if I returned during term time … which I plan to do.

2 thoughts on “Northern Road Trip | Durham

  1. Fabulous photo of the old part(s) of the college. It does look like a return trip is needed. It’s sad that there was so many changes for TBO … often, what is described as progress, gets in the way of our memories.


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