Northern Road Trip |Laurel and Hardy Museum

We embarked on a road trip to Northern England over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  For the first part of the trip, we based ourselves just outside the South Lakeland town of Ulverston.

Ulverston is famous for one thing: it’s the birth place of the comedic actor Stan Laurel, and because of that, the town is now home to the world’s only Laurel and Hardy Museum.IMG_3557.JPGThe Museum is perfect if you need to fill a few hours when it’s raining.  There’s a ton of stuff to look at and a near constant stream of Laurel and Hardy’s short films to watch (all of which have been painstakingly restored).   IMG_3567.JPGLaurel and Hardy were new to The Boy Child … he loved them!  The physical aspects of their routines appealed and there was a lot of giggling from him.   IMG_3552.JPGWhat began as one man’s private collection has morphed into an array of memorabilia that’s arranged somewhat haphazardly and, if I’m honest, perhaps a little past its best.  But the thing is, taken as a whole, it works.  And it works well.

8 thoughts on “Northern Road Trip |Laurel and Hardy Museum

  1. isn’t it interesting that the slapstick form of humour, which isn’t so popular these days, can still appeal to a child? I remember with great fondness watching Laurel and Hardy with my dad with both of us really chuckling over their antics. Who’d have thought they would have a whole museum dedicated to them!


  2. Amazing. I think a lot of slapstick does appeal to men & boys. I wonder how many comic actors or stand ups were inspired by this duo of Laurel & Hardy. I’ve told Mr Man that if I don’t get around to using all my scrapping stash, a museum might be a good option to regain all that I spent!


  3. I found that some of the stuff that needed reading was so far above my head I couldn’t see it. There was so much stuff I just couldn’t process and had to leave.


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