Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link Up#3

Mary Lou of Patio Postcards is again hosting the Photography Scavenger Hunt this year and today is the third official link-up. You can find this summer’s list here.

7) An Unexpected Reflection: There’s me, captured in the mirror.thumbnail[3]

9) Looks Smaller Than You: Statue of King Charles II at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.DSC_0257

12) Bell(s): The bells at the top of Torre de El Salvador in Teruel, Spain. IMG_3312.JPG

13): Equal Portions: Pizza.IMG_3332.JPG

14) A Trilogy of Three: Sliced limes in my Desperados beer.IMG_3228.JPG

18) Currency; Coinage or Paper: Euros.IMG_3230.JPG

20) Mellow Yellow: The Boy Child holding Gladioli and Sunflowers bought for a friend. thumbnail[1] (52)

How are you getting on?

3 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link Up#3

  1. Some really wonderful finds. All the old bells showing up really intrigue me to their history & sound. Wonderful photo of TBC. Oh yum to the pizza of equal portions …


  2. Oh I do enjoy this summer project! It really makes you open your eyes and look for things doesn’t it? You’ve got some great captures here – I love the ‘looks smaller than you’ one, very clever!


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