Mercat Central, Valencia

The Mercat Central is housed in a stunning Art Nouveau building.  A building which, because of the proximity of its neighbours, is difficult to photograph in its entirety. IMG_3258.JPGIt’s one of the largest in Europe, covering more than 8,000 square metres, over two floors.  The unusual roof comprises original domes and sloping sections at different IMG_3247.JPGheights, while the interior seems to be lined in a range of materials such as iron, wood, ceramics and tiles.IMG_3251.JPG

IMG_3243.JPGThe building, and its contents, is popular with locals and tourists alike.

One thought on “Mercat Central, Valencia

  1. Why is it that other countries do food markets so well? Beautiful buildings housing delicious food for sale, it is something that is definitely missing over here. Lovely photos, those peaches and strawberries look fantastic, did they taste as good as they looked?!


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