10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better

Here’s my Top 10 of things I do in order to feel better:

thumbnail[1] (10)

  1. Make a cup of tea – the cure for all ills.  Use your favourite mug, blow the dust off the teapot and once made, cradle said mug in your hands while you stare into space for 10 minutes.
  2. Take a nap – Sometimes the only answer is a quick 20 minute nap on the sofa.  Set a timer if you’re concerned about napping for too long and leave a radio playing for background noise.
  3. Water – either drink it, sit in it or play in it.  There’s not much that water can’t cure.
  4. Spend 30 minutes on your hobby – scrapbooking, origami or crochet.  Whatever it is, 30 minutes of just you and your hobby can put a lot of things into perspective.
  5. Buy or pick flowers – a small posy of whatever is in season can bring joy to the darkest of moods.
  6. Exercise – an hour of some sort of exercise will get those endorphins moving.  Swim, cycle, run; in the words of a global brand, just do it.
  7. Plan a trip – even if you can’t afford one right now, plan a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go – look at a map or atlas, read a guide book and plan activities for the day you do actually go there.
  8. Go for a walk around where you live – it costs nothing, it counts as exercise and you might even discover something new.  If you feel uncomfortable walking by yourself, try to borrow a dog for an hour.  Dogs are always ready for a walk, and the owners will thank you.
  9. Read something for fun – pick up the latest popular Chick Lit novel or revisit your favourite book. Get lost in the pages.  Glass of wine optional, but recommended.
  10. Dance – load up your favourite tunes, turn up the volume and dance as if you’re back at the youth club disco.  Except this time, no-one is judging you.

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better

  1. A very good list. #1 is my of my daily routines. I also practice #3 (the sound of water is enough to almost instantly calm) #5 would be a favourite but my fur girls would chew/destroy, so I go out to the garden to enjoy the flowers. I’ll add one of my own; pat a cat 🙂


  2. These are wonderful suggestions, although I would personally change #1 to Grab a Can of Coca-Cola! 🙂

    Yesterday, I did #1 (Coke, of course), #3, #4, #6, #8, and #9 … no wonder I was feeling so good! We’re also in the process of planning our next trip (to Paris) in a few weeks.


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