A Year Long Gift

I was given a gift subscription to a flower delivery service as a birthday present.  At the beginning of each new month, I receive a box of flowers via Royal Mail. thumbnail[1] (57)Mine come from a company called Bloom and Wild and I’ve been so impressed by them, I’ve used them myself to send a floral gift.  Top tip: check the recipient will be in the country before ordering …  thumbnail[2] (14)Each bouquet has arrived beautifully packaged and comes complete with care instructions (always useful).  More importantly, they’re lasting a long time.

Have you ever given a subscription to someone as a gift?

5 thoughts on “A Year Long Gift

  1. We decided to do a book a month for DH’s elderly Gran. She refused gifts that would just clutter up the house and so reads the book that arrives each month and and then passes it on to one of her friends.


  2. These are beautifully arranged … What a splendid gift! I’ve never given the gift of monthly flowers, but have given subscriptions to books and magazines.


  3. What a wonderful & lovely gift! I’ve given magazine subscriptions as gifts years ago, but there’s so many more wonderful options for subscriptions now. We received a fruit of the month subscription one year & it was FUN to try new things.


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