The Pitter Patter of Paws

As you may recall, I announced in January that we were dog ready.  Ready to have a dog as part of the family again. We applied to Guide Dogs for the Blind for the opportunity to rehome a dog who had been withdrawn from training.

Six months later, and we’ve been unsuccessful in our attempt.  But here’s the thing … we’re not that sad about it.  We’re in the middle of a full Summer and we’ve become used to dog-free days out and impromptu nights away from home.

thumbnail[1] (60)Right now, the reality is that we currently have the best of both worlds, because we are dog sitting a 2-year-old black Labrador for a week.  All the joy and none of the 24 hours a day commitment.

And the Guide Dogs’ Rehoming Scheme will still be there …

2 thoughts on “The Pitter Patter of Paws

  1. Ruth – do you know of I don’t want the ongoing commitment of a dog, and through this scheme have found a lovely dog, Dudley, who comes to me 1 day a week. He has a change of scenery (and peace from 2 little boys!) and it works brilliantly for his owners and me.


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