National Army Museum

After visiting Carlyle’s House, we had lunch at the Royal Hospital and then popped into the National Army Museumthumbnail[1] (50)We focused our attention on the temporary exhibition Special Forces: In the Shadows, which presents ideas of security and secrecy through the lens of the UK’s Special Forces.

It’s a fascinating exhibition and one that makes me immensely proud of the men and women who volunteer to take on under-the-radar missions in order to keep the rest of us safe.thumbnail[1] (58)Colonel David Stirling, the founder of the Special Air Service, knew exactly the type of soldier he wished to recruit.  The kind of soldier who possessed “courage, fitness and determination in the highest degree, but also, just as important, discipline, skill, intelligence and training.”

Anyone my age or older in the UK will have clear memories of the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980.  The Government of the day ordered the SAS into action once the terrorists stopped negotiating and began murdering their hostages.  The assault was beamed live into millions of homes, as the BBC interrupted its Saturday night broadcast to cover the events as they happened.

Special Forces: In the Shadows is on at the National Army Museum until 18th November; £8 for adults, children under 16 free.




2 thoughts on “National Army Museum

  1. I remember it too … And it’s good to be reminded of those who have such bravery. And I can’t help smiling broadly at the photo – brilliant!


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