Carlyle’s House, Chelsea

Carlyle’s House in Chelsea is a hidden Chelsea gem. This National Trust property on Cheyne Row looks like a regular house from the outside, but is full of acclaimed Victorian writer Thomas Carlyle’s furniture and possessions on the inside. thumbnail[2]
In fact, the house is rare in that it has so much original furniture in it; much of which can be seen in the painting over the piano.  Mrs Carlyle complained that the artist made her  beloved dog look like a sheep.  She had a point.  thumbnail[2] (2)Outside, the garden is both a surprise and an ideal retreat from city life. With a lawn bordered by colourful flowers and plants, it attracts local birds and butterflies that come to enjoy its surroundings.
IMG_22021If you’ve ever wondered what lies behind the front door of a multi-million pounds Chelsea town house, then Carlyle’s House will give you a glimpse.  Spying on the neighbouring properties from the garden is optional.

Visiting the house doesn’t take long and I would suggest adding the Army Museum as an extra destination, with a stop for refreshments at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.  Both are a 10 minute walk away.

3 thoughts on “Carlyle’s House, Chelsea

  1. Truly a gem. I always like seeing how lives use to be lived, the day to day items; items that made things comfortable. I do find it very worrying how low that front light is hanging over the door. If at all possible to take notice of the neighbours, I think I would be.


  2. It looks fascinating – how intriguing that the painting shows the furniture you can actually still see in the room … and a lovely tranquil garden.


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