Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

A little over 10 miles from Duxford, you’ll find the Cambridge American Cemetery and MemorialDSC_0239.JPGOnce America entered the Second World War in December 1941,  air, ground and naval forces began streaming into the United Kingdom.  The US commitment to freedom and democracy brought more than 3 million Americans to our shores during the Second World War.DSC_0229.JPGThe Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial is the only American Second World War cemetery in the UK; in its 30.5 acres lie the remains of 3,812 American servicemen, servicewomen and civilians.  There are 5,127 names recorded on the Tablets to the Missing. DSC_0240.JPGThe University of Cambridge donated the land and the British Government authorised use of the land in perpetuity as a permanent burial ground without charge or taxation.

Lest we forget.

2 thoughts on “Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

  1. Now I feel really ashamed that I live to close to this and yet have never been. It looks beautifully maintained, I need to remember to go for a visit next time I’m in that area.


  2. Next time we’re in the UK, I really want to get outside London & see some sights. (I’ll be touching base for recommendations, of course. 🙂 ) Thanks for sharing about this cemetery – I had no idea it existed.


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