Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #2

Mary Lou of Patio Postcards is again hosting the Photography Scavenger Hunt this year and today is the second official link-up. You can find this summer’s list here.

I’ve been a little on the slow side with spotting what’s required, but I have managed to tick off a few more:

6) Glorious Green: spotted at Flywheel.IMG_2699.JPG

19) Picture Postcard Yellow: the view from Broadway Tower.   DSC_0191.JPG

How are you getting on?

5 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #2

  1. I find I’m luckier when I’m away on holiday (maybe I’m just more observant in new places?) so I ticked off quite a few more while I was in Italy at the beginning of the month. I’m stuck on ‘re-purposed’ now but I’m hoping something will spring up ‘out of the blue’!


  2. I like your glorious green – that is a fantastic car, Can you imagine flying about the countryside in that one while searching for items on SPSH. So many of your photos are postcard perfect.


  3. What a great Glorious Green! I’ve found quite a few … and (I think) I may have found most (or all) of them again on our trip – just need to start uploading photos & check off the list.


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