Transition to Secondary School

The process of securing a secondary school place for The Boy Child has been both difficult and stressful. thumbnailAfter months of meetings, phone calls, emails and a formal complaint, The Boy Child is due to join a specialist autism-specific school in September.

The decision to leave mainstream education was not one we took lightly, but the opportunity for The Boy Child to be taught by teachers specialised in teaching children with autism was too good to turn down.  The school is a new build, with wide corridors, spacious and light classrooms, and a pet dog.

The pet dog was the decider for The Boy Child.

The educational road we are travelling along is about to take a turn we’d never anticipated as a reality.  But it is one The Boy Child is prepared for and one that we are embracing.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela.


9 thoughts on “Transition to Secondary School

  1. I am so pleased to hear that you have been able to secure him a place in your choice of school. He will thrive in an environment where they specialise in Additional Educational Needs, and will have an education plan specific to his individual requirements. I know that not all mainstream schools have the funding or experienced teachers to support autism so you have absolutely made the right decision. What a brilliant idea to have a school dog, no wonder he decided on that one! And so a new chapter begins – but first, the summer holidays!


  2. Like your Nelson Mandela quote, to it I would add, education is a tool. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into finding this school. With such care & support, TBC can only be successful in this next chapter. I’ve read that there are a number of schools taking on aid/support animals & I like that the children are being taught to also care for the animals. This decision is a great way to start the summer break.


  3. If he is happy about going there then that’s half the battle. This is such a hard road for all of you and from where I sit I can see that you are all doing far better than you think you are…………….. I can say this because where I am sitting is way out in the sticks. Still I really believe that you are doing just great.


  4. I can’t imagine the amount of energy and agonising it must have taken to reach your decision and fight your corner. What a lucky young man who has loving parents putting in such huge efforts for him :).


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