Football Fever

The FIFA World Cup has rolled around again and England has surpassed expectations.  We have followed the progress of Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane and the squad with excitement and a certain amount of disbelief.  thumbnail[1]The Colombian threw her country’s team shirt into the mix …IMG_E2617.JPG… and against the odds, Colombia became England’s opponents in the Round of 16.IMG_E2763.JPGLet’s remember that blood is thicker than water … Colombia 1: England 1 AET.  England put us through the emotional wringer before winning 4-3 on penalties.

Onto the quarter finals and Sweden.  Thankfully, we had tickets for the circus during the time the match was played, so it was a lot less stressful watching it via catch-up.  A dad sitting in front of us in the Big Top had the match showing on his ‘phone …

Even when we knew England had won 2-nil … which meant a semi-final match, somewhere England hasn’t been since Italia ’90, we could still hardly believe it.

Such was the importance of Croatia v England in the nation’s psyche, The Boy Child’s school brought the timing of the Year 6 production forward two hours so that the children would be home in time for kick-off.  But it wasn’t to be … Croatia weren’t ready to allow football to come home and pulled of a deserved win, 2-1 AET.

Ah well, there’s always Qatar 2022.

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2 thoughts on “Football Fever

  1. We were on holiday for the Sweden game and the hotel put the football on the TV in the lounge. We were sitting next to some Swedish people – who left after the second goal! Didn’t our boys do well though? I felt so proud of them and especially for Gareth Southgate, he’s nurtured them so well and is a real gentleman. I can’t imagine how he felt when that game went to penalties – all those memories of past games! By the next one our players will have four more years experience under their belts, who knows what may happen then.


  2. Football, or as it is known in North America, soccer was in full force coverage. Several of the Toronto bars received special licensing to serve alcohol during the games which were at 9:30am! We caught the game highlights in the evening sports roundup. Canada did not have a team that qualified for these World Cup games maybe in 2020. I will admit to not missing those car flags!


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