100 Day Project | The End

That’s it, today’s the day.  The 100 Day Project comes to an end today.thumbnail[2] (7)Was I successful?  Well, not in so many words … some days I made more than one journaling card, other days I didn’t make any at all.

Did I enjoy it?  Mostly.

Would I do it again?  probably not in this format again.  I think this kind of thing might work best when I’m attempting to finish multiple unfinished projects.

Did you take part in the 100 Day Project?  How did you get on?

6 thoughts on “100 Day Project | The End

  1. 100 days is a very long time – I’m not surprised there were days that you didn’t make any and then batch made more at other times! Well done on seeing it through to the end. Now, onto the next project 😉


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