Summer Planning

The Summer holidays are fast approaching … which meant an hour set aside to plan how we’ll spend six weeks without school.

thumbnail[1] (3)

My Get to Work ® book is the ideal place to set out our timetable, using up some of those seemingly empty double spreads where the month has run out. Scrapbook embellishments may have made an appearance, naturally.

This Summer, already in place are two weeks of camps for The Boy Child; one is autism related and one is activity based.  Added to the mix are several days visiting friends and family, family coming to stay with us and plenty of travel, home and away.

The timetable is filling up nicely and this Summer should hopefully turn out to be a lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “Summer Planning

  1. Ruth I like what you have done with the empty space of your get to work book. Plans sound like a balance for all involved; TBC gets so skills & fun, you get some nourishing time, all balanced with visiting with friends & families. I do hope TBC got up to the rooftop yesterday to watch the WOW flyovers.

    I am having some hit & miss success with WordPress work with / work around … 🙂


  2. Great idea to use those extra pages! Sounds like you’ve got a great plan for the summer holidays! Enjoy!

    It’s so hot here, we are looking forward to Alaska soon. 🙂 (BTW – I picked up a copy of The Great Alone yesterday and am going to read it before we go – thanks for the recommendation!)


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