RAF100 | The Official Birthday Parade

Today is the day the Royal Air Force officially marks its 100th birthday.

DSC_0001.JPGThe Mall in London is suitably dressed for the occasion and, according to the Royal Air Force’s website, “over a thousand servicemen and women will take part in a parade on The Mall at 11:25am.  Then at 1:00pm witness the historic flypast where up to 100 aircraft, representing the RAF’s history, will fly over Buckingham Palace.  It promises to be a spectacle never seen before and one that won’t be seen again for a very long time.”RAF100FlypastFormationwithF35(1)We are fortunate that our part of West London is usually under the path of such flypasts, meaning that I shouldn’t have to go further than my front gate for a bird’s eye view.  I’ve even emailed The Boy Child’s school requesting that he is allowed onto the rooftop playground to see it.

Per Ardua ad Astra.

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