Flywheel at Bicester Heritage

We recently attended the popular Flywheel event (formal name: the Classic and Sports Car Show) at Bicester Heritage and enjoyed a terrific day out.  Bicester is about an hour’s drive North of London (and is also home to a shopping village) and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.DSC_0091.JPG As well as hundreds of classic cars, there are static displays of vintage military aircraft and vehicles.  Lots of people dress up in period clothing, just for fun, and there are those who are professional re-enactors and vintage models.Picture 503 (1).jpgThe Boy Child was particularly taken with the models {ahem} … The ladies were actually working at the event and The Boy Child was thrilled when the director of Flywheel Photography offered to take his photo with Miss Goldy Loxx and Miss Lillian Love.    DSC_0102.JPGFlywheel is an ideal family day out: plenty of interactive exhibits to keep children interested and entertained, decent public conveniences {always of importance}, plenty of space to roam around {even when it’s busy, because the venue is huge} and plenty of places to sit with a cuppa while watching the flying display.DSC_0093.JPG I spent a large proportion of my childhood at events like Flywheel, and I’m delighted that we’re now making the same kind of memories for The Boy Child.

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