Loving Out Loud

It’s all too easy to become complacent about the relationships we have with our family and friends.  We all know that friendships need to be nurtured.  In early June, The Brainy One and I hosted a small birthday dinner party where I ended up making an unrehearsed speech.  Nothing fancy or flowery, I simply expressed my gratitude.

IMG_2375Say thank you and praise them publicly: I don’t remember exactly what I said during my speech, but I do know that I thanked our guests, and not just for turning up to the dinner. I seized the moment and told them all why they were important to me. I loved out loud.

Never under estimate the power of a compliment:  My oldest friends, a married couple, were at my birthday dinner and when I saw the husband in his dinner jacket, I said to him , “Bl**dy hell, have you always been that handsome?  Ding, dong!”  He was chuffed to bits.  I loved out loud.

Thank them when you succeed: After the birthday dinner, I wrote what felt like a ton of thank you notes and The Brainy One jokingly asked where his was. I waited a day or two and then wrote him a postcard, thanking him for walking by my side all these years. I timed posting it to coincide with arriving when I was away for the weekendI loved out loud.

How do you give voice to your gratitude?  Do you love out loud?


2 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud

  1. So important to say it out loud. Many years ago a friend of mine lost her husband in a car accident and the thing that stayed with me about the passage of her grief was that he had gone off to work and because she was annoyed with him she didn’t say goodbye. Even today she still has guilt about it even though she has gone on to marry again and have children. I vowed then that whenever I went out the door I would say goodbye to everyone in the house AND even when Mr M and I are “off” each other when he goes through the door I give him a kiss and say “I love you” – ok so when we are “off” I might say “I still love you” but no matter what we still say it out loud. Just incase a helicopter falls on the house while he’s out or he has an accident in work – not relevant now he has retired. So I am totally with you about Loving out loud


  2. These are wonderful examples of loving out loud! Sometimes I call Robbie’s office while he’s on his drive to work & leave him a message saying how much I appreciate all that he does to provide such a wonderful life for me or to just say hi & hope he has a great day. This week I called a friend who has been under the weather & asked if I could pick up anything from the store for her, which I did and she was grateful. With everything going on here the past few months, I’ve not taken time to meet up with friends, but that’s something I enjoy doing.


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