Month in Numbers | June 2018

There’s no doubt that we had a Joyful June!thumbnail[1]Here’s a look at the numbers:

One black tie dinner party with 21 of our nearest and dearest.  It was a superb evening and a lot of fun!  And let’s not forget the 9 of us who made it to the Survivors’ Brunch the next day.  I had such a great time marking a significant birthday, I may just do it all over again next year … and the maybe the year after that as well!

Almost 48 hours at the GoGo Getaway!  What a joy!  The chance to be with like-minded women and to learn new techniques during 5 amazing classes.

This month’s highest temp was 28ºC.

21,084 – the highest daily step count.

416 photos taken this month and yet again, most were taken on my iPhone.  What’s not to love about the ‘phone’s Portrait Mode?

27 pieces of Happy Mail were written and sent by me – the majority of them being thank-you notes.

3 nights away from home and it was good to mix-up our usual routine.

25 scrapbook pages were created this month – a mix of traditional 12×12 and Travelers’ Notebook spreads.

330 lengths of the pool at the gym – one of the biggest monthly totals this year so far.

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie and you’ll always find a warm welcome over at her place. Not to mention entertaining posts about a varied list of topics. Go on over, stop by and say hello.
You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

2 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | June 2018

  1. It does sound like a joyful month!! I really like how you included a photo of one of your layouts on this page! And, yes, I think you should repeat each year – birthdays are definitely a wonderful time (and excuse) to celebrate!


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