Photography Scavenger Hunt 2018 | Link-Up #1

Mary Lou of Patio Postcards is again hosting the Photography Scavenger Hunt this year and today is the first official link-up.  You can find this summer’s list here.

Here are my first few finds:

1.) The Rosiness of Red: Tomatoes on bruschetta.IMG_E2659.JPG

3.) A Framed View: The Best Friend posing with the GoGo Getaway frame.PVIV6865

4) Wings: A tri-plane on the line at Flywheel.IMG_2686.JPG

5) Pedal Power: Vintage bike at Flywheel.IMG_2701.JPG

10) A field of plenty: The flight line at Flywheel.IMG_E2687.JPG

11.) Pretty in Pink: gorgeous flowers from a friend.IMG_E2654

15) Out of the blue: The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Flywheel.  IMG_E2691.JPG

15) Something that could be from a favourite book/movie/song title: Seen at Flywheel, in homage to the classic British film The Battle of Britain.IMG_2700


How are you getting on?

7 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt 2018 | Link-Up #1

  1. Wow – you got some great ones at that airshow! Love how you have interpreted some of them – especially ‘out of the blue’ – very clever.


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