Scrapping in 2018 #9 | The Gogo Getaway with Shimelle

The Gogo Getaway had a specific theme for its 10 year anniversary. The special guest designer was Shimelle Laine and all the products used in each and every class were from her latest paper range for American Crafts, A Box of Crayons.

Shimelle Laine is an American married to a Brit and lives in a lovely part of South East London.  She is also what you might call a big noise in the scrapbooking industry, as she has collaborated with American Crafts for several collections. IMG_E2500.JPGShimelle taught a class at the very first GoGo Getaway weekend and was invited back for their 10th anniversary.  There was a great deal of excitement from the delegates; so much so, there may have even been a few fan girl moments!

But Shimelle’s presence left me in something of a quandary … I didn’t like all of the patterns in the range and I didn’t particularly care for the selected designs she’d chosen for the two classes she was going to teach.

IMG_2661What to do?IMG_2651.JPGIn the end, I chose an open mind, tried my best during class and then tweaked them once I was home.

On a personal note, Shimelle is absolutely lovely!  She’s open and engaging, her teaching style is laidback and uncomplicated and she was patient beyond belief when it came to posing for a photo.



4 thoughts on “Scrapping in 2018 #9 | The Gogo Getaway with Shimelle

  1. Shimelle was a guest at a crop I went to several years ago and I do remember being slightly in awe of the fact that she was going to be taking the class! She was so good about having a group shot taken and also posing for photos with us all individually – I can imagine your ‘fan girl’ moment! Although I don’t scrapbook myself anymore I do still follow her on various social media platforms and I have noticed that her style has changed recently. Her pages seem to be more ‘busy’ and I can understand why you wanted to put your own twist on her designs! I prefer your page – I like the fact you have more white to your background, it makes the page stand out better.


  2. From taking some of Shimelle’s classes I wouls say that you have done EXACTLY what she wants you to do. Taken her basic idea and made it your own. That’s scrapbooking to the essence!


  3. I prefer your page. I met Shimelle at a craft fair years ago, I must confess to being a little star-struck and acted like a fourteen year old! All shy and overwhelmed! She was utterly charming.


  4. I think your layout turned out fabulous – great job having an open mind & tweaking it to fit!

    I’ve taken quite a few of Shimelle’s online classes; in fact, I’m currently watching videos from The 20 Project class for inspiration as I scrap a few pages. 🙂


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