Scrapping in 2018 #8 | The Gogo Getaway After Hours

The Gogo Getaway had a specific theme for its 10 year anniversary. The special guest designer was Shimelle Laine and all the products used in each and every class were from her latest paper range for American Crafts, A Box of Crayons.

Those of you who attend residential scrapbooking retreats will know that sticking and gluing goes on well in to the wee small hours.  Most people bring along their own projects to work on (I finished off the Washington, DC and Jersey travel journals), but for those who hadn’t, the GoGo Getaway girls added two more challenges under the title Waste Not.

I completed one of them, made entirely from the off-cuts of manufacturer’s strips.  And learned that I am not a natural when it comes to assembling stars … IMG_E2591We were all given a copy of the group photo and there was a challenge for that as well, which involved a lot of hand cutting and the phenomenon that is known as fussy cutter’s finger.   IMG_2568

2 thoughts on “Scrapping in 2018 #8 | The Gogo Getaway After Hours

  1. Ah, fussy cutter’s finger, I remember it well! That indentation in your index finger where you’ve been gripping the tiny pointed scissors for too long, that slight cramping of the thumb – who knew scrapbooking was such a hazardous pursuit? 😉 Love the way you have assembled your group shot page!

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