Fun Instagram Feeds

Like all social media platforms, there’s a lot of dross out there on Instagram.  But every now and then, you stumble across a real gem or two.

Here’s two of my current favourites:

Dogs in Food does exactly what the feed name suggests.  You can send an image of your beloved pooch and it will be photoshopped in to food.  Pointless and bonkers, yet somehow brilliant!

Save Family Photos appeals to the family historian in me and I can see myself contributing to its feed.  I love that people are sharing the family stories behind the images and, as an added bonus, there are some truly horrible fashion moments captured for eternity.

If you know of more fun feeds I should be looking at, let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Fun Instagram Feeds

  1. Dogs in food is quite funny. The Save Family Photos can certainly be a wonderful tribute to those remembered, I would like reading the stories behind the photo.


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