For the Love of Books | Currently Reading May 2018

May was extremely light when it came to reading matter:


The Little Women Letters by Gabrielle Donnelly: “…  Lulu stumbles across a collection of letters written by her great-great-grandmother Josephine March. As she delves deeper into the lives and secrets of the March sisters, she finds solace and guidance, but can the words of her great-great-grandmother help Lulu find a place for herself in a world so different from the one Jo knew?”

This was another recommendation from My Top 12 Beach Reads and I enjoyed it a lot.  Jo March was always my favourite sister in Little Women and it was interesting to ‘hear’ her voice echoing across the generations to the present day.  The characters were well written, although I found the father to be annoying with his talk of his perfect imaginary wife and his almost-but-not-quite fall from grace.

We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter (on Kindle):  “When Georgia Hunter was fifteen years old, she learned that she came from a family of Holocaust survivors. We Were the Lucky Ones was born of her quest to uncover her family’s staggering history”. 

I didn’t get into this as much as I thought I would and that probably because each chapter focused on a different character, timeline and location, and I found it all just too confusing.  I even considered abandoning it just before the half-way stage, but I stuck with it and, in the end, I was glad I did.

The story becomes even more powerful when you learn what the characters endured as Polish Jews during the Second World War … and that the characters were the author’s relatives.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Currently Reading May 2018

  1. Little Women was my favourite book when I was a child. Like you I loved Jo. I will try this recommendation, it sounds interesting.


  2. As always appreciate book recommendations. I did read The Little Women Letters, for me, glad it was a borrowed library book, but maybe I might have liked more if I had read Little Women.


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