One This Day

February 2018 marked my Blogoversary – ten years of blogging. I recognise that I wasn’t very good in early days, but it still might be fun to look back over the years …


In 2015, The Boy Child and I were dining out.

In 2012, I was taking an online class and I was talking about chores.

In 2009, we enjoyed a Super Summery Saturday.

2 thoughts on “One This Day

  1. How interesting to see how your blog posts have changed over the years. And just look how cute your boy is in that photo from 2009, it makes you realise how much he has grown up in that time.


  2. That was fun reading the posts from before. I have read about Ali’s 31 Things & the 31 More Things. I see that she still runs this online classes. I remember your posts about ironing & that fabulous apron you have, it made me go out & buy myself an inspiring apron, alas I still don’t like ironing & do very little of it (col).


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