The (Nowhere Near) Million Dollar Smile

When I began wearing braces in March 2017, the end goal was always to have them removed before the end of May this year.IMG_2524.JPGThat goal was achieved last Monday, a mere 14 months and one day after they were fitted.  During those 14 months, the same two questions were asked of me:

  1.  Were they worth the money?  Well, yes.  I’d disliked the crookedness of my teeth, particular those on the upper jaw, for a very long time and I’d reached a stage in my life where I could afford to do something about it.  Orthodontic work for adults is not available on the NHS (in the UK), so going private was the only option.
  2. If you knew what it had entailed, would you have gone ahead anyway?  This is a more difficult question to answer.  I experienced a lot of discomfort, especially during the early days and weeks, and was never not aware that I was wearing braces.  I felt self-conscious the whole time, even though common sense told me that most people I encountered didn’t even notice.  And those that did often divulged that they would also like to straighten their teeth.

So, all in all, even though I may still not have a million dollar smile, I certainly now have a smile I’m happy with.  That alone makes the expense and discomfort 100% worth it.





5 thoughts on “The (Nowhere Near) Million Dollar Smile

  1. Yeah that the braces are off. But mostly the yeah is for you getting the smile YOU are happy with because that is all that matters. In Canada, dental work is not covered by any government plan so it’s all through private plans either personally or through your employer. Funny enough it is one of the Ontario parties, NDP, in the June 7th election, that has dental care for all paid by the province on their agenda promises.


  2. Coincidentally a friend of mine had braces fitted last year. She got a job as a dental receptionist and one of the perks of the job was discounted orthodontic work. She had no hesitation in deciding to go ahead and now has a wonderful smile!


  3. Oh excellent. The only criteria should be whether your new smile makes you really smile. If the answer is yes then it was worth every single penny.


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