Five Ways to be Financially Safe Online

I was recently the victim of an attempted fraud, but thanks to the vigilance of my credit card provider, it was spotted and sorted out very quickly.  It was something of a wake-up call for me, but it shouldn’t have been, because I live with The Brainy One and he is  someone who checks his accounts every single day.


Here’s my 5 point plan:

  1. Use a credit card for all online transactions (and then pay it off in full when the statement arrives).  It is far easier to have problems sorted out by a credit company than through your bank.
  2. Review your statements thoroughly when they arrive, match to receipts and flag up any discrepancies immediately.
  3. Don’t allow websites to store your card details.
  4. Log out of all websites where you have an account.  Each and every time.  And that includes all those Apps on your  mobile phone.
  5. Shred any statements or receipts (but bear in mind bank statements should be kept for six years).

All these points are common sense, but following them will hopefully lessen the potential for fraud.  Large scale data breaches and targeted cyber attacks aside …

** As Monday is a Bank Holiday here in the UK, the next scheduled post will appear on Tuesday, 29 May.



2 thoughts on “Five Ways to be Financially Safe Online

  1. It is one of the scariest things about being online. Very good reminder to us all. We both had our original Facebook accounts taken over by someone we thought we knew … it was more than a lesson learned.

    Very nice still life capture.


  2. I think sometimes we let our guard down and leave our details stored on a website for convenience and your post is an excellent reminder that we shouldn’t do it. So pleased you were able to sort things out quickly and without any loss to your own finances.


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