Reconnecting with Friends | The Follow Up

Having written recently about making the effort to reconnect with friends, we did exactly that recently and subsequently travelled up to the Midlands to spend the day with someone who had somehow been relegated to the Christmas card list and not much else.


I was delighted to find not only a lovely fiancé in tow, but also a gorgeous two-month-old daughter.  And now there’s wedding  planning to hear about.  Imagine how cross I would feel if I hadn’t learned these three things until I received a Christmas card later this year!


2 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Friends | The Follow Up

  1. What fun in this re-connection. Sweet little princess foot wear photo. I chuckled at this because often when I bump into long lost “friends” from previous barns we catch up with the news of a new horse, previous horse retirement, who’s at what barn & such …


  2. It’s funny how even though there are now more ways to keep in contact than ever with so many social media outlets, it’s so easy to lose touch with people. I bet she was thrilled to catch up with you and share all the news – it sounds like she’s been very busy since you last met up!


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