A Return to the Royal Albert Hall

We were back at the Royal Albert Hall over the weekend for Space Spectacular and it was, ahem, spectacular! The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performed a program of space-related music, ranging from excerpts from Holst’s Planet Suite to the theme tune to Thunderbirds.  Throw in a laser light show and indoor fireworks, and you can see why it was a fabulous 2.5 hours of entertainment.

IMG_0943~  image is from February; it was raining during this visit ~

The Boy Child was engaged, positive and enthralled.  The volume level was occasionally a little too loud, but nothing that couldn’t be rectified by fingers in ears.


Living with autism means some you win, some you lose.  Space Spectacular was a win. You can read about our previous visit to the Royal Albert Hall here.


3 thoughts on “A Return to the Royal Albert Hall

  1. Does the strength of the connection with what he is engaged in have any bearing on the amount of sensory load he can bear? Just curious and I know you will understand me

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    1. I think you have a point. Cirque du Soleil was particularly loud and coupled with insistence that he wouldn’t enjoy it made it worse. At Space Spectacular, only the traditional classical pieces (Holst) warranted fingers in ears. At a Sinatra tribute concert a while back, he was 100% engaged, singing along and he didn’t once comment on the volume levels.


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