Greys Court

The beautiful Greys Court is just outside Henley-on-Thames, around an hour’s drive from West London, and we recently spent several happy hours there.  Obviously, it helped that the weather was stunning on the day we visited.IMG_1918.JPGSir Felix and Lady Brunner bought the house in the late 1930s and raised their four sons there.  During the Second World War, they also took in 10 evacuees.  When the Brunners realised that the upkeep of the house was becoming too much, and none of their sons wanted to take it on, they gifted it to the National Trust in 1969, with the proviso that they could continue to live there until their deaths.  Sir Felix died in 1982, Lady Brunner in 2003.  All the furnishings in the house still belong to the Brunner family and they have requested a no-photography rule.  On the day of our visit, they were light on volunteers, so only the ground floor of the house was open.    DSC_0023Lady Brunner created a series of walled gardens in the hope that visitors could discover the grounds room by room.  The result is stunning. DSC_0026Sadly, the wisteria wasn’t yet in bloom and the bluebells were past their best.IMG_1927.JPG

DSC_0032.JPGI already have a return visit in mind.





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