Five Acts of Self Care

We’re experiencing a frustrating time just now over The Boy Child’s high school placement.  What should have been a simple process has morphed into hours spent calling and emailing the so-called educational professionals in the search of a concrete answer.  And right in the middle of it, The Brainy One reminded me of something important … “don’t forget to take care of yourself”.


He’s right … here are my own top five recommendations for how I nourish myself:

Spent the afternoon with your hobby.  Block off a 4 hour period in your week and dedicate it to scrapbooking or reading or baking or whatever your hobby might be.  And don’t feel guilty.  And if you can swing it, plan a ‘hobby’ weekend away with a friend (I’m headed here next month).

Visit your favourite place by yourself.  For me, that might mean a few hours wandering Little Venice on a Weekday Walk or, as I was lucky enough to do in March, a short break on my own in one of my favourite global cities, New York City.  Find your favourite spot for people watching and just be.

Contact a friend you’ve lost touch with.  I did exactly that recently and discovered to my delight that my old friend had had a baby just two months ago; that lovely piece of previously unknown news spurred me on to set up a date to visit.

Compliment a stranger (or just say hello). You’ll find that people love to hear that you like their shoes, coat, handbag or whatever.  They’ll smile, you’ll smile, everyone wins.  All those people you pass every morning on the school run/commute to the work?  Smile and say hello.  They might just say hello back.

Take a (guilt-free) nap.  Back in 2014 when I diagnosed as severely iron deficient, I was under orders to rest in the day and I developed the art of a post-lunch nap on the sofa in The Boy Child’s playroom office.  Of course, once I was better, the naps stopped … but I’m seriously considering reintroducing them on an ad hoc basis.  On those days when it all feels too much, a twenty minute nap becomes an ideal remedy.

What are your favourite ways to unwind?

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3 thoughts on “Five Acts of Self Care

  1. Nothing better than a nap! I remember when I was very young – no more than four or five – my Grandpop had “forty winks” after his dinner every day. I would crawl into his lap and take forty winks too. I suppose that’s why my naps now that I am 70+ are still guilt free. If Pop could do it then it must be ok


  2. I’m pleased to see you are listening to your husband – this is why you refer to him as ‘The Brainy One’ – he talks a lot of sense! You can look after others better if you are looking after yourself and I am sure that if one of your friends was in your position you would be the first one to tell them to ‘take care’.
    Oh I do like a nap – it just recharges your batteries. I love nap time with Leo on a Wednesday. ‘Shall we just pop upstairs and lay in Nanny’s bed for a little while? ‘Yup’ ‘ and off we go.
    Thinking of you as you negotiate that difficult journey between primary and high school, keep fighting your corner!


  3. Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble sorting the schooling. I try to put aside Sunday afternoon for scrapbooking and I go to the beautician once a month for a facial or a pedicure. Good luck with the school issue and do remember that if you definitely need to take care of yourself.


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