Nuffield Place

An hour’s drive north-west of London is Nuffield Place, the former home of Lord and Lady Nuffield.  Born William Morris, Lord Nuffield left school at 15 and went onto become one of the world’s richest men.DSC_0223.JPGHe was the founder of Morris Motors and, having made his fortune, became one of this country’s greatest philanthropists.  Nuffield Place reveals the home life of a couple, who despite possessing a great fortune, still enjoyed the simpler things in life.  DSC_0209.JPGThe house was built in 1914 in the Arts and Craft style and is just lovely.  Although fairly large by today’s standards, the house has a homely feel and I could easily picture myself living there. DSC_0207.JPGThe Brainy One was especially taken with the Billiards Room and the workshop found inside a wardrobe in Lord Nuffield’s bedroom …IMG_1853.JPGI was envious of the practicality of the large utility/boot room immediately to the left of the front door.

Lord and Lady Nuffield loved their garden, all 9 acres of it, and apparently spent many hours pottering around doing odd jobs (to the annoyance/frustration of their gardener, I should think).  IMG_1862.JPG

As Monday is a Bank Holiday here in the UK, the next post will appear on Tuesday, 8 May.

3 thoughts on “Nuffield Place

  1. Such a pretty place. A Morris Minor – a name of a car heard in this house, so thanks for connecting a few dots for me. I would also like to have a utility room (mud room in this part of the world) off our doorway from garage to house, some where to properly store winter coats, boots etc, oh & I would really like a proper broom closet.


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