Scrapping in 2018 #4

I’m still plugging away at our Washington, DC photos, but during April I made time to put my handful of RAF photos onto a double page spread.IMG_1716 I also captured, photographically speaking, our newest neighbour … the lovely Mr. Fox … and into our 2018 album he has gone. IMG_1823.JPGI knew that if I kept that fox paper long enough, there’d be cause to use it!

3 thoughts on “Scrapping in 2018 #4

  1. Both layouts are really good. Just the right amount of embellishments. Gives me hope that some of my paper stash will eventually have a use (col).


  2. Hmm, do I see this as an excuse for you to never throw away another scrap of paper? 😉
    Love that photo of him curled up so peacefully.


  3. My eldest boy was with the Signals regt in the Faulklands in the 90s – that was after the first Gulf War when he was seconded to the Americans with the liaison officer……….. your pictures brought back memories for me


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