OLW | Nourish and the Traveler’s Notebook

The latest additions to my Nourish traveler’s journal are Washington, DC …   IMG_1759.JPG… and the lovely fox who has taken to sleeping away his day on top of our garden shed.IMG_1832.JPGThere’s two things I’ve noticed with this project: 1) the journal is becoming quite bulky which, although I love that, is making adding extra spreads a little more tricky (First World problem, obviously).  2) I’m using up a ton of sticker embellishments that I’ve had for years and thought I would never get around to using.

5 thoughts on “OLW | Nourish and the Traveler’s Notebook

  1. I am really inspired by your TN – the layouts, if we call them that in a TN, are using space, paper & embellishments to the max without being the focus, the words & the photos take centre stage.

    So interesting that Mr Fox felt SO comfortable on the top of your shed that he slept, in the city of West London no less. We have few foxes in our rural area & most flee at the sight of people. I am part of a group that spots & records sightings of a group known as the Leathertown Foxes. Last year “we” arranged trapping & vaccinating the young pups against rabies & mange, a horrible skin parasite that can kill. Through fund raising we were able to look after 4. So far this spring I haven’t seen any of them 😦

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    1. We have a fair few foxes locally and some definitely have mange, so we never get too close. When we had our dog, Max, we had to treat him monthly so he didn’t pick it up. The UK doesn’t have rabies, thankfully, so that’s not really a consideration, but I do like to imagine that they must be jumping with fleas!


      1. In so many of the British murder mysteries you often hear the foxes “screaming” Yes Britain is most fortunate not to have rabies. There is the spring campaign on now of the Ministry of Natural Resources dropping rabies bait in the woods & along streams. It’s sweet so the foxes, raccoons & others readily eat it.


  2. That notebook is coming along nicely!
    We see more and more foxes locally but we are only a few minutes from open countryside so I guess it isn’t surprising. There’s one in particular that can often be seen crossing the road opposite the local pub – I guess he pops round the back to see if he can find anything nice for his tea!

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