OLW – Nourish & the Traveler’s Notebook

How I love this project!

This month, there’s a spread that features me.  Wonders will never cease, that makes two occasions so far this year where I make an appearance.IMG_1364.JPGAnd sometimes a photo of a cute cat sums up exactly what you want to convey.IMG_1401.JPGBack in January, I thought I might struggle to fill a Traveler’s Notebook just with things that nourish me and no-one else.  The reality is that as of now, the end of April, I’m almost half-way through it.

3 thoughts on “OLW – Nourish & the Traveler’s Notebook

  1. A cat?! Of course the company of a cat is a perfect way to nourish yourself (col). I really like the page of you having tea on the bus – the embellishments are perfect.


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