Washington, DC | The Capitol Building

I’d pre-booked a tour of the US Capitol Building a few weeks before we travelled to Washington, DC.  It’s one of those buildings that’s instantly recognisable, probably because of its similarity to the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral … and seven series of West Wing.DSC_0049.JPGThe tours are free and last around an hour, maybe a little less.  I would say that pre-booking is essential.  We were amused to discover that our guide was British and originally from Newport PagnellDSC_0025.JPGThe rotunda is stunning, there’s no other word for it.  It’s a whopping 180ft from floor to ceiling and is 96ft across.  The fresco, The Apotheosis of George Washington, was completed in 1865.DSC_0036.JPGThe tour also takes in the rather odd Statuary Hall. Statues of the good, the bad and the ugly have been sculpted by artists from every state (and from a questionable talent pool) and there doesn’t to be any rhyme or reason to their placement.  The space is certainly a talking point.

Before leaving, we also took in the exhibition E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, One, which tells the story of Congress (the bit that makes America’s laws).  It’s targeted at school age children, so perfect for non-Americans to obtain a clearer picture of how things should work in the US government.  




2 thoughts on “Washington, DC | The Capitol Building

  1. That ceiling is quite impressive. We watch Designated Survivor & there’s lots of shots of the capital building along with the White House, but to see it in your photo with all the beautiful blossoms, gives it a more personal touch. We did not take the tour when in Washington, DC.

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