Washington, DC | Arlington Cemetery

A short Metro ride from Downtown DC is Arlington National Cemetery, which is where the United States buries her war dead and military veterans (if that is what they/their family want).  The grounds cover 624 acres and there are 400,000+ graves.DSC_0092.JPGThere are a few famous internees, and perhaps the most well-known one is President John F. Kennedy.DSC_0080We were able to observe the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, which is changed every half-hour during daylight in the summer, every hour during daylight in the winter and every two hours at night (when the cemetery is closed to the public), regardless of weather conditions.IMG_1567.JPGThe ceremony was carried out perfectly, but as someone who has seen hundreds of military ceremonies and participated in a fair few, I found the drill aspect to be a little sloppy in its execution.  No offence to my American friends, but we British do military ceremonial better (in my opinion, obviously).


3 thoughts on “Washington, DC | Arlington Cemetery

  1. I always think that our troops march more correctly and their posture is so much better. My Dad used to mutter about slouching Yanks who never lifted their feet off the floor. I could just be a bit biased because I am the mother of two men who served in theatres of war and have the medals to show for it. I confess now to shedding a tear every year when they attend the remembrance ceremony. Seeing them and all the veterans – even those in wheelchairs – upright and carrying themselves with pride, gets me every time

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