The RAF at 100

I’ve always thought that Lord Trenchard had a warped sense of humour when he founded the Royal Air Force on 1st April, 1918.

The centenary has been on my radar for a while, obviously, and throughout March I attempted to gather up any photos of me in my uniform.  Of course, because I served in the RAF in the days pre digital cameras and smart ‘phones, there aren’t that many in existence. I do, however, still have a kit bag of uniform, which made for a perfect backdrop. IMG_1429.JPG In the shot below you can also see the letter I received informing me of promotion (everyone wanted to ‘get their letter’) and the Order of Service from my Passing Out Parade (the parade at the end of recruit basic training). IMG_1424 (2).JPGI was sure that I had more photos, though, but I suspect that they have been lost over numerous house moves.  Who wouldn’t want to see me wearing an S6 or an S10 respirator?

I was able to discover two photos of my parents in uniform, and my sister sent me one electronically of her from 1983.  My brother is still looking for his RAF photos … Dad is the tallest one in the photo and Mum is the one at the back with her thumb up.  IMG_1436.JPGIf I add the length of my service to that of my parents and siblings, we have a collective total of 49.5 years served in the Royal Air Force.  Something that I am inordinately proud of.  My one regret is that even though my service overlapped with the service of my siblings, we never managed to have a photo of the three of us together in uniform.

Per Ardua ad Astra.

5 thoughts on “The RAF at 100

  1. Oh my goodness, I hadn’t realised that you were all in the forces! What a fantastic family achievement. And what memories – so many overseas placements of areas we only know through news reports.

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