Snowy Days

Thanks to the Beast from the East, Winter arrived in the middle of last week.  The Boy Child’s managed to remain open for most of that time, with just one closure last Friday (which TBC was happy about, even if disappointed that meant the cancellation of dressing up again as Harry Potter for World Book Day).DSC_0136The temperature remained below freezing for a few days and the bitterly cold wind limited our outings over the unexpected long weekend to the local park, and then only briefly.IMG_1057The snow is now disappearing rapidly, thanks to a rise in temperature and rain.  We Brits have a reputation for discussing the weather and it’s one that’s been well deserved this last week or so.




6 thoughts on “Snowy Days

  1. People who live in countries where they have snow for months on end must be bemused by our obsession with just a couple of days of it! But oh how it disrupts things, we really aren’t equipped for it are we? It looks so pretty when it’s fresh and new.

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  2. Your second photo is gorgeous, it captures a beautiful side to the snow while also showing a mood of the snow. I think Canadians enjoy weather discussions just as much. I think we are all ready for spring & warm, sunnier weather.

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  3. Such lovely photos – graceful buildings, a bridge to catch the eye, reflective water … Makes it look nicer than it probably felt! I am sure you’re glad it’s going …


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