Kew Gardens | Life in Death

During our recent visit to Kew Gardens for the orchid festival, we also took time to see Rebecca Louise Law’s beautiful installation, Life in Death.  DSC_0075The exhibition showcases her personal collection of plants and flowers, dried and preserved over a six year period. Apparently, it is her most intricate large-scale artwork to date and examines our relationship with flowers and plants and how they are used, particularly through rituals.DSC_0077.JPG

IMG_0854.JPGThe installation is at Kew until 11th March 2018.

One thought on “Kew Gardens | Life in Death

  1. That display has a real ethereal feel about it. I know I can be a bit of a Potter head, but for some reason your second photo reminded me of the veil that Sirius goes through in book 5.

    I hope you are staying safe & warm in the snow & cold being visited upon London.


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