Kew Gardens | Orchid Festival

During the recent half-term, we visited the 23rd Orchid Festival in Kew Gardens.  We were there for opening time and were able to wander around the fantastic displays freely.DSC_0066.JPGThe festival this year celebrates Thailand and the 1,100 orchids which can be found there.  As well as stunning displays, there’s a rice paddy and an orchid palace.DSC_0028

IMG_0827.JPG The orchid festival is easily my favourite annual event at Kew.

5 thoughts on “Kew Gardens | Orchid Festival

  1. Oh such a beautiful display. Beautiful orchid palace. I think seeing a rice paddy (the oxen?) would be fascinating. Must be a world wide blooming time because this past weekend several of the garden centres had displays of orchids & a not so close, public botanical gardens had their orchid show. Costco was even in on it & selling the really excellent fake orchids.


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