This Weekend I …

We kicked off the weekend with some unexpected, but entirely welcome, visitors…IMG_0989… we left them in bed on Saturday morning when we left the house early for Autism | Early Birds at the Science Museum.IMG_0994.JPGAfter our friends left, the afternoon saw us catch up with Cachirulo and Los Pequeños for a belated 3rd birthday get together.IMG_1002.JPGOn Sunday, we headed out on a road trip to Great Missenden for Sunday lunch in a pub IMG_1014.JPGand a walk in the beautiful Chiltern countryside.  IMG_1009.JPGThe weekend was bitterly cold and we were all wearing a gazillion layers under our coats, but so worth it for this view.


3 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Sounds like this weekend went more to plan than not, with a few pleasant surprises; how nice to have friends stay over. Your pub lunch would have Mr Man drooling for those sausages & a birthday celebration in the mix. Now these are the kinds of weekends we all need, just weather warmer.


  2. Oh those bangers and mash look just the kind of comfort food you need for a chilly afternoon! So pleased that everyone was well enough to enjoy those belated birthday celebrations.


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