Churchill War Rooms

Here’s the thing … I was so engrossed by what I was looking at, I forgot to take many photos.  Surely that’s the sign of a great museum?  The Churchill War Rooms (formerly known as the Cabinet War Rooms) can be found in a subterranean bunker in Westminster, and it’s here that Winston Churchill and his wartime Coalition Government “ran the war”.   IMG_0696.JPGThe entry fee includes an audio guide (with a child-friendly one available also) and you move around the individual rooms at your own pace.  Even though we were there early, it was quite busy and, as we realised later when comparing notes, it was easy to miss things. IMG_E0697.JPGWe found the design of the Churchill Museum area to be rather confusing, as there didn’t seem to be any natural flow.  What we did like were the personal items, the actual door of Number 10 from 1940, and the voice of the late actor Robert Hardy mingling with actual recordings of Churchill.

The Churchill War Rooms offer a fascinating insight into our wartime prime minister and the lives of those who worked for him.  I would recommend a visit, but book your tickets ahead of time, if you can.

2 thoughts on “Churchill War Rooms

  1. This would be such an interesting place to visit. Recently there have been side stories about Winston in some of the BBC shows we have been watching. Certainly a very interesting man, interesting professional life.


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