On This Day

February 2018 marks my Blogoversary – a whole ten years of blogging.  I recognise that I wasn’t very good in early days, but it still might be fun to look back over the years …IMG_6474Two years ago:  I learned that people are kind.

Five years ago: I shared a moment.

Eight years ago: The Boy Child had a new pair of shoes.

If you looked back, what would you be reminded of?

2 thoughts on “On This Day

  1. Congratulations – 10 years – well done you. As a long time reader, I always enjoy your posts; varying ideas, walk abouts; recipes; book recommendation; life observations, travel & of course the drawing card, your scrapbook pages. It was through Ali’s December Daily link ins that I found your blog, it’s your take on life that has kept me coming back each day.

    Oh such little feet & shoes way back then!


  2. Oh, what a lovely look back! Isn’t it wonderful to have memories recorded like this?

    P.S. I really like this idea of looking back on this day & may “borrow” it for my blogoversary next month, ok.


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