Lounging Around

Have you ever noticed that in films and TV shows, the actors all have glamorous yet comfy lounge wear?  There’s usually an over-sized cardigan in a soft grey colour.  There’s always a pair of pastel coloured slouchy socks.  There’s always cashmere.  The sort of lounge wear you might buy from here.


It’s never that glamorous in our household.  We’ve developed a habit over the years that round about the time The Boy Child goes to bed, The Brainy One and I change into what are essentially our pyjamas.  Except that we call it lounge wear.  Yours truly will be in a pair of brushed cotton pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt.  And possibly hand-knitted socks.

Luxurious lounge wear or old faithful pyjamas/dressing gown?


4 thoughts on “Lounging Around

  1. Those on TV would be so lucky as to have hand made, custom made Sian socks! Like your London lounge pants. Between work wear & pajamas I wear yoga pants & sweatshirt or t-shirt, they are quite comfortable to wear should I fall asleep before getting the pj’s on …


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