This Weekend I …

Not only were Saturday’s plans thwarted by the weather (yet more rain), but also by unexpected family illness.  We were supposed to be celebrating the 3rd birthday of Cachirulo, but unfortunately his daddy, The Brainy Boy, fell ill and spent almost a week in hospital.  The good news is that he’s now home.IMG_0794.JPGGood job we had the Winter Olympics to keep us entertained.  Those boys in the Slopestyle events are bonkers, even if it does make for great TV.IMG_0797.JPGSunday may have looked as though Spring was on the way, but don’t be deceived.  It was brutally cold.  The cold didn’t stop us heading to the park to see friends.  And cake, there was cake.


4 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Glad to hear that The Briany Boy is home & better. Lots of illness making the news this side of the pond – all the well informed still say best preventative method is wash your hands … we also saw a bit of the winter games on the slopes … now those twist & flips would scare any germ out of me!


  2. Pleased to hear that the Brainy Boy is getting better, there have certainly been some nasty bugs doing the rounds this winter. It is deceiving how cold it is when you look outside and see blue skies and sunshine but always worth the effort of wrapping up warm and going out – especially if the outing includes cake!


  3. Oh goodness, there’s just been so much illness going around this winter!!

    We’ve watched a little of the Olympics, but I’ve mostly been trying to get my new laptop set up … oh technology, gotta love it or hate it. 😬


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