Scrapping 2018

I began 2018 with a title page for the coming year’s album.  As luck would have it, I was able to find three recent photos where we were all wearing red and took it from there.  I was astonished by how many ‘likes’ this image received on Instagram.IMG_E0435.JPGThere’s been a page about The Boy Child’s birthday and a page about the birthday trip to see School of Rock.IMG_0627.JPGThere was also my usual Month in Numbers layout, a few Christmas-themed pages and there’s also been a few pages completed in my One Little Word Traveller’s Notebook, which you can see a few of those here.

2018, scrapbooking wise, is off and running.


6 thoughts on “Scrapping 2018

  1. GREAT PAGE. I think the first page could be framed; what a good title page. I always struggle to get a title page that will reflect what I would like to see in the year.


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