Autism|Reading List

On the right hand side of the Home page, you might have noticed a link to a page called Living with Autism.  I’ve recently added a list of books, both fiction and factual, that you may find of interest.

Disclaimer:  These are all on our bookshelves.  Some I have read, some I haven’t and some I’ve merely dipped into.


To Siri, With Love by Judith Newman: I loved this! I have loaned out my copy to friends, telling them that this is the nearest “real life” memoir to what living with The Boy Child is like.  I reviewed it here.

10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm:  this is my go-to book when I want to know why The Boy Child is behaving in a certain way.  I’ve bought copies for teachers and TAs at school.  I’ve bought copies for family members.  I only hope that they have been read.

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida: we were given this as a gift.  I have never read it.

In a Different Key by John Donvan and Caren Zucker: an American publication, but one for dipping into, rather than reading from cover to cover.

Autism and Asperger Syndrome (The Facts) by Simon Baron-Cohen: The first reference book I purchased.  It did not make me feel better.

Schtum by Jem Lester:  I read this in 2016 and recommended it via Instagram.  The author has a son with autism, although the story is not based on him.  A novel with a lot of truth in it, and one that made me say out loud, “Yes!  That’s happened to us!”

2 thoughts on “Autism|Reading List

  1. Thankfully you have a good source of reference material to help & advise. To me, that’s what is great about books, it makes you feel you are not alone in what ever situation you are trying to live with, cope with, deal with. Just wait until your book is published, other Mums will be so thankful for your guidance …


  2. I’ve not read any of these (although I checked to see if our library had To Siri, With Love or Schtum, but it doesn’t). It’s a great idea to have these references books & I’m sure it’s nice to realize that others are having similar experiences.


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